Nearly 30 years ago it became apparent to the nation’s high school coaches that they were not being represented as a profession by the various associations with which they were affiliated. During those years in the 50s and 60s, high school coaches and athletic directors from around the nation were invited to annual sessions of the Division of Men’s Athletics (DMA) of the NEA/AAPHER group. Occasionally, special conferences were scheduled for high school coaches in Washington, D.C., but only as an adjunct of the college phuysical educator-dominated DMA.
It became apparent the high school coaches needed recognition and a national direction. This was in 1964. A key group of high school coaches named a steering committee, with instructions to plan another meeting in Atlanta, Georgia in July, 1965.
The Atlanta meeting in 1965 was intense in discussion and design as to the feasibility of organizing the nation’s high school coaches. Thus, the National High School Athletic Coaches Association was formed.

The Primary Goals and Purposes of the NHSACA
1.    To raise the quality and competence of High School Athletic Coaching and administration to the highest level possible through leadership development, educational programs, training sessions and in formative publications.
2.    To promote and publicize high school sports and its five million student/athletes through national, state and local award programs.
3.    To foster amateur sports programs for boys and girls with national-class skills in a variety of sports which provide social, educational, and competitie opportunities for the students.
4.    To promote Drug and Alcohol Prevention among high school students, teacher/coaches and parents in cooperation with the government, law enforcement agencies and educational groups.

When the NHSACA was formed in the 1960s, membership was about 5,000. From then to the present, membership is now more than 60,000 and continuing to rise. The NHSACA is a solid organization dedicated to the enhancement of the coaching profession.