Updated COTY Form

Connecticut High School   


Coaches Association


Gary Makowicki, COTY Chairperson

29 White Plains Rd.

Norwich, CT 06360





Nominee’s Name: ___________________________________________________

                                        (Last)                                   (First)                                  (MI)


Home Address: _____________________________________________________

                                        (No. and Street)



                                                            (City)                                   (State)                                 (Zip)


Phone _______________________   School Phone ________________________

                        (Area code – Number)                                                               (Area code – Number)


School (currently coaching) __________________________   ________________



Category I     Membership in the Connecticut High School Coaches Association


          Total number of years member of CHSCA _____


Category II    Coaching tenure(This section applies to positions you held as a Head Coach

                                                       in this specific sport)


                                                  School                                   No. of years

                    Total years as a high school Head Coach in this sport __________


Category III  Varsity Coaching Record (Head Coach only, boys or girls – not both)

                        Coaching junior high, junior varsity, or college level cannot be included in your record below. Only high school Varsity Head Coaching record in the sport for which you are nominated is allowed.


                        Total Games________               Won______  Lost______   %Wins______%

Additional information – list any other pertinent statistics related to your record (ie. Undefeated seasons, regular season or overall win streaks, etc.) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Category IV  Team Championships


                    State Championships (# of years) __________

                    State Runner-up (# of years) __________

                    League Championships (# of years) __________

                    League Tournament Championships (# of years) __________


Category V   Professional - service to CHSCA, CIAC, League or conference, officials organization, National High School Coaches Association.

                        Example – officer in CHSCA, All-Star game committee, CIAC tournament director, chairperson of sports committee, member of CHSCA Executive Board.




Category VI  High School Coaching Honors and Awards

                    Honors received as a result of your work as a High School coach. Examples – All-Star Coach, Coach of the Year, etc.









I certify that the information disclosed herein is correct.


DATE __________ SIGNED _______________________ (Nominee)


DATE __________ SIGNED _______________________ (Title)___________

                                                                                                                 AD, Principal