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  • Coaching Ethics By Tom Murray +

    Every coach knows that even the most talented athlete or team can always find areas to target for improvement. The same can be said of coaches' performances.

    Take a few minutes to read the CHSCA Coaches Code of Ethics and consider making an item or two, points of emphasis for this year. http://www.cthssports.com/index.php/association-info/by-laws

    Coaches are role models for their athletes. Redoubling our efforts to function within the precepts of our Code of Ethics can do more good than just talking about sportsmanship.

    Coaches know that actions speak louder than words. Here's a great way to set an example that your athletes will emulate. You might even want to post the Code as a statement of your expectations for your performance as a coach.

  • August Coaching CEU's at CIAC +

    August Coaching CEU’s being offered at
    30 Realty Drive, Cheshire, CT

    ** Thursday, August 17, 6-9pm
    Module 13 - Nutrition, Performing Enhancing Supplements

    ** Friday, August 18, 6-9pm
    Module 12 - All-Adult Construct of Coaching

    ** Saturday, August 19, 8:30-11:30am
    Module 22 - Athletic Program Organizational Procedures and Planning

    ** Saturday, August 19, noon-3pm
    Module 5 - CIAC Rules and Regulation

    ** Saturday, August 19, 3-6pm
    Module 18 - Dealing with the College Bound Athlete

    Registration for any or all of these modules
    must be done online at


    * In the event you are audited by the State Department of Education they
    will first check our database electronically, which will save you time and
    aggravation. If you have the correct number of hours you will not have to
    produce the necessary documentation. Our database will ONLY display courses
    taken from our program. Be careful of any other entities offering courses
    that claim to be CEUs, make certain they can be used in Connecticut.

    * You can print or reprint a certificate for any course you have taken with
    CCEP. To view all courses you have listed in our database (the same
    database the state will check first when doing an audit) and/or print any
    necessary certificates, visit our online search tool.


  • Congratulations Chris Webster and Marty Roos: NHSACA Hall of Fame +

    marty roos

  • Meeting Dates 17-18 +





    Executive Board Only:

    Meetings at Back Nine Tavern/Southington County Club 

    August 23 Noon

    October 26 3:30pm (COTY followed by regular meeting)

    November 29 5:30pm

    January 4 5:30pm

    March 20 5:30pm

    May 3 4:00pm (Nominating meeting followed by regular meeting)


    Special Events


    November 16 Hall of Fame @ Aqua Turf Club


    May 10 – Thursday – Coach of the Year Dinner – Aqua Turf – Southington

    Time – 6:00 PM


    June 7  – CHSCA Annual Meeting – Aqua Turf, Southington

    Time – 5:30 PM

    Required Attendees – Executive Board & Sport Chairs


    CHSCA Picnic & Golf Outing – TBA



  • NHSACA 2017 Coach of the Year Winners +

    Congratulations to Jeff Gee, Wilton's long time girl's cross country coach and Laurie LaRusso, Darien girl's volleyball coach as the recipients of the National High School Athletic Coaches Association's Coach of the Year honors at the 2017 Convention in East Peoria, Illinois.

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